Store Center

"We also own a small and cozy convenience stores located in nearby valley Poljanska dolina. Pleasant girls will serve you with quality products mainly domestic production coming from surrounding farms and local producers. "

Mistress Irena

On our shelves

On our shelves there can be found:

  • Home eggs
  • Mechanical and handmade noodles from local eggs
  • Domestic biscuits and flancati
  • Domestic milk and milk products
  • Honey (flower, forest, chestnut)
  • Meat and meat products
  • All kinds of flour milling Katič

We offer also:

  • OPEN WINE – our specialty is a wine shop where you can buy white and red wine from Vipava for reasonable prices
  • BOTTLED GAS – you can replace or buy green bottled gas Butan
  • BALCONY FLOWERS and SEEDLINGS – in the spring we offer a wide range of balcony flowers and seedlings from local flower nursery
  • TEXTILES – we offer quality socks for men, women and children. For children we also have high-quality children’s sleepwear, sweatshirts, underwear and also shirts for men, women and children. All products are exclusively made in Slovenia. Clothing adapted to the season.

Extra offer

By previous order we can offer for goods purchased in our store:

  • Arranging gifts
  • Preparation of meat sliced
  • Making mourning package of candles
  • Gift program chosen by the customer

Where you can find us

Trgovina Center
Sovodenj 23, 4225 Sovodenj
T: 04 / 519 – 5127
M: 070 / 856 – 347

Our store is located in the village Sovodenj only 100 m from the main road Trebija-Cerkno.