"On our tourist farm on Sveti Lenart above Škofja Loka you won’t be exited just above the tranquility and peacefulness, which the nature can offer, but you will also fill our friendliness and hospitality. "

Master Miha

Ski resort STARI VRH – distance 500m

Ski resort Stari vrh is the main winter sports tourism center in Škofjeloško hribovje, because it is located in the neighborhood of large cities (Škofja Loka 13 km, Ljubljana 35 km, Kranj 24 km, Kamnik 40km). It is known primarily for its lighted trails, which offer excellent night skiing.

Ski resort is covering 55 hectares of slopes and offers 12 km ski trails at altitudes extending from 580 m to 1217 m above sea level. In the normal winters, the slopes are naturally covered with snow. In case of lack of snow 95% of ski resort can be covered with artificial snow. Ski slopes are suitable for all levels of skiers – from beginners (easy routes – 4 km), medium-skilled (medium trails – 6 km) to the top skiers and riders (hard trails – 2 km). The Snow Park boasts a toboggan run, a “bobsleigh” track for tubing on tyres, a small jump ramp and various outdoor toys for children.

Natural food

We can daily offer visitors on farm produced natural food: all kinds of vegetables, terjak – elderberry domestic concentrate, considered as a folk medicine, fresh chicken eggs and domestic egg products (biscuits, noodles, flancati).. You would enrich your menu with blueberries, raspberries, mushrooms, chestnuts and other fruits hiding in the surrounding forests. You can also prepare the best tea from herbs nearby meadows.

Farm tasks and domestic animals

For all interested we can show the farm and its features and demonstrate basic agricultural and forestry activities. On our pastures you could have a closer look at a wide range of domestic animals: chickens, geese, sheep, pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs…; there is enough space for all of them in our farmyard. You could also participate in mowing grass and smell the fresh hay.

You will learn about the life on a farm in close contact with domestic animals, bees in the hive and forests nearby. We are certain that this will be quite new experiences for you, full of surprises and happy moments.

Sport activities

There is enough activities for all active holidays fans:

  • Tours and hiking: church in St. Lenart /15 min walk/ Stari Vrh /1h/, Miklavška gora /1.5 h/, Stirpnik /1.5 h/, Koprivnik /2 h/ Mladi vrh /2 h/, Lubnik /2.5 h/, Blegoš /3 h/, and a number of shorter tracks.
  • Skiing and cross country skiing at Stari vrh /approx. 500 m/ Soriška planina /20 km/ Črni vrh /20 km/
  • Mountain biking and cycling in the surrounding paths in Selška and Poljanska valley …
  • Hunting /agreement with hunting family Selca/
  • River fishing /agreement with the fishing family of Železniki/
  • Tennis /Stari vrh, Selca, Železniki/
  • Swimming indoor swimming pool in Železniki or in Selška Sora river.
  • Sauna /Železniki/.
  • Jogging

Charcoal Burner’s Day – Stari vrh

Charcoal Burner’s Day is a traditional, cultural and ethnographic event organized by Tourist Association Stari vrh. It’s organized each year on the first Sunday in August since 1972. The event consists of several components:

ETHNOGRAPHIC – locals and tourist workers show the process of obtaining and use of charcoal, as was customary at times, when there were no modern machinery:

  • loggers (preparation of firewood for the pile),
  • charcoal (setting the pile, the pile cooking and tear the pile) and
  • use of charcoal blacksmiths (skilled blacksmiths create tools from pieces of iron heated on a hot charcoal)

CULTURE – folklore groups, folk musicians and singers, actors, reciters show their skills.

ENTERTAINMENT – visitors can taste local delicacies, piles porridge, black coffee and “Tazelen”, the real charcoal drink. There are also available grilled food, charcoal “chicken” and other specialties.

Other tourist destinations and events

Traditional events in Škofija Loka region: Slovenian Lace Days (Žiri), Crafts and Entrepreneurship Week, Week rural Loka, Historial Škofja Loka (Škofja Loka), Lace days (Železniki), Light into the water (Železniki), Zelefest (Zali Log), Day of flax dressers (Davča), Andrew´s fair (Železniki), Pokal Loka, 4 Bridges night run, Colorful Loka (summer events in Škofja Loka), White December (winter events in Škofja Loka)

If you would like to visit the most famous tourist destinations; our farm is located just an hour or two drive to the most famous tourist attractions in Slovenia.

Portorož, Piran – 150km

Postojna cave – 85km

Ljubljana – 36 km

Škofja loka – 13km

Kranjska gora – 81km

Bled – 50km

Bohinj – 75km

Airport Joze Pucnik Ljubljana – 31km